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Thinking of joining the BPCA?

If you are a professional pest control company working in the UK or anywhere in the world, it makes good sense to join the British Pest Control Association.

BPCA is the leading UK trade association for the pest control industry, and represents excellence, professionalism and the promotion of best practice in the often difficult world of pest control. BPCA can represent you in places where a collective voice needs to be heard, such as in dealing with the government, your clients, and their associations, or in any circumstances where you may need some extra help.

We place great importance on promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the industry, and play a major role in enhancing these standards by way of creating guidelines and codes of practice, developing training courses and examinations, producing publications and research, and running exhibitions and conferences.


Membership categories

There are currently several categories of BPCA Membership designed to reflect the needs of the pest control industry in Britain, with the membership benefits and criteria differing for each category.

Full Membership

Full Membership is only open to incorporated companies, firms and partnerships engaged in the UK in the business of pest control in any aspect. Full Membership falls into three principle categories:

  • Servicing Membership is for sole traders, incorporated companies, firms and partnerships engaged in the UK in the business of pest control. Full Servicing Membership is only for professional pest control servicing companies, including specialist areas such as fumigation, heat treatment or bird management.

  • Manufacturers and Distributors Membership is for companies producing and supplying public health pesticides, application, protective and ancillary equipment for the UK pest control market.

  • Consultant Membership is for appropriately qualified consultants that offer specialist advice to manufacturers, servicing companies and clients of pest control services. Consultant members may also deliver training, act as expert witnesses, or advise on contract specifications and industry best practice.


Other categories

There are several other categories of BPCA Membership designed to reflect the needs of companies that do not fit into full membership or meet our strict membership criteria. These include:

  • Associate Membership is for organisations with an interest in pest control or who provide an in-house pest control service but who do not provide a commercial service. Associate Membership is designed to support these types of organisations with technical advice, support, best practice, training and guidance. Some of our Associate Members include companies such as major food manufacturers, concert and exhibition venues, and specification standards bodies.

  • Probationary Scheme is designed to support servicing companies working in the pest control industry who do not yet meet criteria for Full Servicing Membership. The Probationary Scheme provides you with access to a number of benefits to help and guide you develop high standards of service delivery, and provide extra support to help take your business to the next level - Full Servicing Membership!

  • Observer (international) is international membership of the Association, and is only for
    organisations working in pest control outside of the UK. BPCA Membership is a sign
    of quality in the international pest control community, and demonstrates to your
    customers that you're working to the high standards set in the UK.


What our members say

"The advantages of BPCA are clear. Not only can we be assured that we are meeting the high standards that our customers expect and deserve, we are also entitled to technical support, business guidance, help with documentation and legislation, discounts and marketing."

Paul Bates, Managing Director, Cleankill Environmental Services
"BPCA is working to deliver a better, fairer Association and at the same time grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition. There is no doubt they are delivering this in bucket loads. My clients understood that if they want a professional pest controller then they'd have to pay a little extra to fund my training and association costs."

Steve Gould, Company Owner, Effective Pest Management