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We place great importance on promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. We play a major role in enhancing these standards by way of creating guidelines and codes of practice, developing training courses and examinations, producing publications and research, and running exhibitions and conferences.



There are currently several categories of BPCA Membership designed to reflect the needs of the pest control industry in Britain. Full Membership is only open to incorporated companies, firms and partnerships engaged in the UK in the business of pest control in any aspect.

Full Membership falls into three principle categories:

There are several other categories of BPCA Membership designed to reflect the needs of companies that do not meet our Full Membership criteria. These include:

BPCA membership is for the professional company working in the pest control industry. We provide members with the essential skills, tools and support needed to build and maintain a successful company. We’re regarded as the mark of a professional and there is no other equivalent to BPCA membership within the whole of the UK.

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How do I join?

It’s simple, if you meet the membership criteria for the category of membership you're applying for, then all you have to do is download and complete our application form.


Member Benefits

As a member you’ll have free access to a wide variety of benefits and services to help you develop your company. Find out more about BPCA membership benefits, and see how much you can save by using our benefits calculator.


What our members said 

"Membership of any organisation should always bring with it the analysis of cost versus potential benefits, but with the BPCA the advantages are clear. Not only can we be assured that we are meeting the high standards that our customers expect and deserve, we are also entitled to technical support, business guidance, help with documentation and legislation, discounts and marketing. The BPCA's reputation and high profile also means that Cleankill's place on its customer directory presents a prime opportunity for business referral and growth."

Paul Bates, Managing Director, Cleankill Environmental Services


" BPCA is working to deliver a better, fairer Association and at the same time grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition. There is no doubt they are delivering this in bucket loads. My clients understood that if they want a professional pest controller then they'd have to pay a little extra to fund my training and association costs."

Steve Gould, Company Owner, Effective Pest Management