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Professional Pest Controller magazine (PPC)


PPC – BPCA’s eye on the industry

Professional Pest Controller (PPC) magazine is the premier quarterly magazine for the pest management industry.

It’s aimed at our membership, pest control professionals and those companies we think should be in BPCA.


Who’s PPC for?

The magazine is focused on pest control professionals looking for the latest technical information, best practice guidance, business trends, marketing tips, new products, and features on pest-related subjects.


Why should I read PPC?

PPC is designed to give you the advantage over your competition, and keep you up to date with the latest news, techniques, research and products in the industry.


Our digital versions of PPC, including our full back catalogue of issues are available through the members' area of the website.

What's in PPC84?

PPC84 is packed full of articles and news all about BPCA and the pest control sector. Whether your read is to top up with a few CPD points (don't forget the online CPD quizzes linked in the digital edition), improve your business or learn about how BPCA plans to celebrate it's 75th Anniversary, it will be time well spent. Also in PPC84:

Social Wasps, No ASBO Required
Colleagues from the University of Bristol talk wasp science, Article linked to online CPD.

Wood Destroying Beetles in Buildings
James Berry, Technical Manager at The Property Care Association discusses the identification of two common wood-boring species and their control.

Brexit and You
Simon Forrester, BPCA CEO, investigates what Brexit might mean to the UK pest control sector.

Flight of Fancy (Drones)
Craig Lippett, Chairman of ARPAS-UK, the trade body for remotely piloted aircraft (drones) explains the regulations involved in commercial use of drones.

SEO - Get local
Rose Judson, independent SEO and copywriting professional shares her top tips for boosting website rankings.

Power to the Consumer
The Consumer Rights Act which is being strengthened to give more support to the public if services provided are not up to scratch, Kevin Higgins, BPCA Membership Manager Investigates. 

and much more...............


Advertising in PPC

PPC magazine is the premier quarterly magazine for the pest management industry. It reaches over 5000 people involved in pest control, both members and non-members.

Available both in print and digital format, an advert in PPC will ensure your product is seen by all individuals and organisations involved in this important and essential market.

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