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Rodenticide Resistance Action Group (RRAG)

RRAG is a UK-based group consisting of representatives from Universities, government agencies and all sectors of the pest control industry, with expertise in rodenticide resistance.

Current Steering Group

Chair: Dr Alan Buckle, University of Reading
Secretary: Richard Moseley, British Pest Control Association


  • Paul Butt, Natural England
  • John Charlton, John Charlton Associates
  • Dougie Clarke, University of Huddersfield
  • Philip Cornford, BASF
  • Andrew Low, HSE-CRD
  • Alan MacNicoll, Fera
  • Adrian Meyer, Acheta
  • Colin Prescott, University of Reading
  • Roger Sharples, BASF
  • Rob Smith, University of Huddersfield

Trade Association Representatives:

  • Richard Moseley, BPCA
  • Iain Turner, NPTA


RRAG Aims and Objectives

To provide information on rodenticide resistance avoidance and management strategies for use by professional pest control practitioners, regulatory authorities, local authorities and UK farmers and growers by:

  • Acting as a central forum for exchange, interpretation and dissemination of accurate information on the extent and consequences of rodenticide resistance in the UK.
  • Identifying research needs and to communicate them to appropriate agencies.
  • Establishing methods of minimising the adverse effects of rodenticide resistance, including potential effects on health, food safety, environment, wildlife and economics.
  • Publishing guidelines for farmers and pest control technicians and producing agreed statements to the media.
  • Liaising with appropriate individuals and organisations in the UK and elsewhere, including the international Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee (RRAC).