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As the lead body in our sector, BPCA works in partnership with other industry bodies on behalf of our members to establish positive relationships, and demonstrate commitment for the protection of public health and development of the UK pest management industry.


Who does the BPCA work with?


BPCA recommends all managers and technicians involved in pest control register with a recognised CPD scheme, and for this we recommend joining the PROMPT Professional Pest Controllers Register.

BASIS PROMPT is an industry-wide initiative to ensure that professional pest controllers can show they have received proper training, have achieved the required level of competence, and have invested time in keeping their knowledge and skills up to date through regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

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The Rodenticide Resistance Action Group (RRAG)

RRAG is a UK-based group consisting of representatives from Universities, government agencies and all sectors of the pest control industry, with expertise in rodenticide resistance.

BPCA actively support, and are involved in the work of the group.

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The National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP)

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) set up the National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) to provide specialist advice and solutions on the problems caused by pests.

CIEH is the professional body for all environmental health practitioners (EHPs) whether employed by government, local authorities, industry or working in private practice.

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Pest Management Alliance

The Pest Management Alliance was created to gather, consolidate and focus the views of the pest control industry on specific key issues of concern, and then relay and promote those views to the main centres of influence in government and/or associated agencies.

BPCA are key stakeholders and contributors in the Pest Management Alliance.

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Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU)

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) promotes improved stewardship of products used to control rodents - a major issue in food safety. Under the banner "Think Wildlife",

CRRU promotes best practice and responsible rodent control, thereby protecting wildlife from rodenticide exposure.