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EN 16636: CEPA Certified®

European quality standard for pest management services


In March 2015, the European quality standard for pest management services was released. The standard, EN 16636, developed by The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA), specifies the requirements for the provision of the effective and economical reduction of damage caused by pests with an aim to protect public health, property and the environment.

Companies who achieve CEPA Certified® status will have been independently assessed by qualified and experienced auditors with an in-depth working knowledge of the industry. Audits will validate practices to a clear professional standard to ensure activities are delivered safely, effectively and within European and national regulations.

Certificates will be issued in the UK by Bureau Veritas, and company details uploaded onto the CEPA database of certified providers to show competence and a demonstration of conformance to the requirements of EN 16636.

The British Pest Control Association has a strategic goal to have every servicing company in Membership assessed against the European Standard for pest management services, EN 16636 by July 2017.

Businesses trading within Europe in the health, food, environmental and hospitality sectors will be able to demonstrate their awareness and commitment to enhancing the quality of the European Pest Management industry. A business that has achieved CEPA certification demonstrates professional credentials within a competitive market, exercising best working practices and employing a competent workforce with an awareness of legislation, statutory and European requirements.


The standard applies to those who have responsibility for delivering pest management services, including the assessment, recommendation and subsequent execution of the defined control and prevention procedures. In essence, if you provide pest control, you should be looking to meet this standard.


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