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Pest Advice and Support

BPCA are the leading trade association for the pest management industry in the UK. We're seen as the central source of industry information to government, national and international organisations, pest control companies, media groups and the general public.

We provide a variety of resources and services to assist you with any pest problems you may have, be it in a domestic or commercial context.


Domestic Advice

Do you have a specific pest problem in your home that you need help with?
Our domestic pest advice area offers users a wide variety of resources and facilities to assist you with a pest problem you might have. We'll help you identify your pest, provide preventative and treatment, and even help you find a local pest professional.

Get support and help with your pest problem by exploring our domestic advice area.


Commercial Advice

Need help and support with pest control?
Our commercial advice area hosts a plethora of information, resources and templates to assist you in ensuring you have a pest control service that meets your business needs.

Find out more in our commercial advice area.


A to Z of pests

Our A to Z of pests is a catalogue of the most common public health pests, designed to assist you in identifying your pest, understanding their behaviour, and advise you on effective preventative and control measures.

Search our A to Z of pests.


Check a member

Need to find out who is a BPCA Member?
To verify that somebody is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), please use our check a member search facility. Simply type in a company name, and if they appear they are members of the BPCA.

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Find your local professional

We'd always recommend using a professional pest controller with all pest problems, to increase your chance of success and ensure your pest problem isn't made worse by failed treatments. To help you find a local, trusted and professional pest eradication service, we would recommend you use our find a pest controller search.

Search for you local professional pest controller.