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Online Learning

Online Learning

Online learning offers you a flexible approach to your studies.

BPCA leads the way in pest control training . Our online learning is one of the most popular ways for people chose to improve their knowledge, careers and professionalism.


Why choose online learning?

By studying through online learning you will be able to

  • Decide what time of day you study, how often, where and for how long. Studying at a time and pace to suit you
  • Learn the latest up-to-date information
  • Study without having to leave your home or office
  • Have access to our online portal for up to a year, allowing you to start and stop where you last left off
  • When you sign up for an online learning course you will be automatically set up as an affliliate member, this means that your online learning account will always be available to you. whilst your online courses may expire you will always have access to CPD quizzes to help you maintain CPD
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