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BPCA carries out a range of high quality research and data analysis activities designed to better understand our sector and provide the public, member companies and key stakeholders with unbiased advice and information on the current picture of the UK pest control industry.

Although our current programme of research activities is limited, this is an area are we planning to expand in the coming years.

Below is further information regarding our current research activities:


BPCA National Survey

We produce an annual National Survey of Pest Species, focusing on the work carried out by our local authorities, to examine and benchmark any variations in pest numbers, treatments and local authority resources in regards to public health pest control.

The BPCA National Survey is the only comprehensive analysis of the main UK pests. The information used is gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests from every corner of the UK, and is analysed by the BPCA to give detailed information on pests and how we deal with them.

National Survey 2015

Our next survey (National Survey 2015) will be released in the coming months.


National Survey 2013

Our most recent National Survey was our 2013 publication which was released in October 2013.

Find out more about the BPCA National Survey 2013 results.