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Consultant Membership

Consultant Membership

Consultant Membership is for appropriately qualified consultants that offer specialist advice to manufacturers, servicing companies and clients of pest control services. Consultant members also deliver training, act as expert witnesses, or advise contract specifications and industry best practice.

BPCA membership is for the professional company working in the pest control industry. We provide members with the essential skills, tools and support needed to build and maintain a successful company. We're regarded as the mark of a professional and there is no other equivalent to BPCA membership within the whole of the UK.



What you'll get

As a Full Consultant Member you'll get access to all BPCA membership benefits including:

  • Use of the BPCA member logo
  • Technical and legal advisory services
  • Business support
  • Discounts on training courses, seminars, advertising, conferences and examinations
  • Professional Pest Controller magazine
  • Full access to the BPCA members' area of the website
  • Access to CPD materials
  • Regular communications with articles of interest, latest industry information and news
  • And much more

Find out more about BPCA membership benefits, and see how much you can save by using our benefits calculator.


How do I become a Full Consultant Member?

To become a Full Consultant Member, you'll need to be able demonstrate you can meet our strict membership criteria.

See the full list of membership criteria for Consultant Members.

If you feel you meet the membership criteria, then all you have to do is download and complete our application form.



How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are based on your annual UK turnover in pest control, which is declared at the time of application and thereafter, within the annual returns. See how much membership might cost.

How do I join?

It's simple, all you have to do is download and complete our application form.

Further information

If you'd like to know more about how to become a Full Consultant Member, please contact our Membership Officer Rachel Eyre on or 01332 225 112.

Alternatively, please use our online contact form.