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Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the Board of Directors of BPCA, who are bound by the Companies Act 2006 along with BPCA's Articles of Association and Regulations.

Board members are individuals from BPCA member companies, and any full member can put themselves forward for election at our Annual General Meeting. The Executive Board sets the Association’s strategy, admits members, and deals with any breaches of our regulations and codes of conduct.

The Officers (President, Vice-President(s) and Honorary Treasurer) are appointed by the Executive Board from amongst their numbers. The Standing Committee Chairs are nominated by the members of their respective Committees, and appointed by the Executive Board.


Paul Rodman

Position: President

Company: Monitor Pest Control


About Paul

Paul has been involved in the pest control industry since 1980, and has dealt with aspects of service, technical, sales and safety. Paul also had a period with Environmental heath in London, and is currently the Operations Director for Monitor Pest Control Ltd. As a former member of the Servicing Committee and Vice President, Paul is committed to developing and growing the BPCA to meet the future demands of the industry, for all members of the Association. In his private life, Paul enjoys skiing, golf and rugby. And any other available time he is involved in volunteering for his local homeless and vulnerable people centre.


As President Paul's role is to ensure good governance of the Association is maintained, and that we continue to drive the core principals of the Association. His role is to ensure the industry is more professional and is valued highly by our customers, recognises the importance on training and continuous professional development, and continues to develop and grow to meet the market demands.


Tom Holmes

Position(s): Vice President

Company: Pelsis

About Tom

With a background in Industrial Design, Tom is Technical Manager at Pelsis, where he oversees New Product Development for the group's Insect-O-Cutor, Network and SX Environmental brands. Having joined the Industry in 1999, his current role also sees him provide technical support and training to the marketplace, whilst he also represents the BPCA on the BSI committee responsible for the development of flykiller safety standards.


The Vice Presidents deputise for the President and support the development of the Association's strategy.

Some think of the Vice President role as being 'President Elect', but it is much more than that. As one of the Officers (with the President, Treasurer and Immediate Past President) the role includes line management of the Chief Executive, responsibility for one or more functional areas of the Board's activities, and a 'critical friend' to the President, assisting in the development of policy.



Mark Williams

Position: Honorary Treasurer

Company: Ecolab Pest UK & Ireland

About Mark

Mark has been in the industry now for a good number of years, joining Peter Cox Environment Services back in 1989. He has served as a apprenticeship service technician, biologist and salesperson. Currently, Mark holds the position as Head of Ecolab's Technical Group for the UK and Ireland.

I want to ensure everyone in the industry is represented, so whether you're an old friend (and I'd like to think I've made a few over the years) or a new one, please feel free to contact me. It's our industry and together we can make it better.


With oversight of all financial issues, the Treasurer preserves the Association's finances and ensures its ongoing viability, while ensuring that proper records and procedures are maintained.


Martin Harvey

Position: Immediate Past President

Company: Harvey Environmental Services Ltd

About Martin

Martin started as a serviceman for Rentokil at 18 and worked his way through sales, branch management and area management. He started Harvey Environmental in 2001 – which has won several business awards. Qualities – pragmatic, sees “Big Picture”, insistent on service, sales and admin quality, sales and growth focused.


The Immediate Past President provides the voice of experience and a valuable bridge to former decisions, along with advice and leadership to the Board. The Immediate Past President supports the President on an as-needed basis, and remains in office throughout the term of the current President. The main duty of this position is to assist the Board in the maintenance of continuity.


Martin Cobbald

Position: Fumigation and Controlled Environments (FaCE) Forum (Committee) Chair

Company: Dealey & Associates Ltd

About Martin

Martin has been fumigating since joining the family business in 1999. He puts great emphasis on the responsibility that fumigators have in operating safely and at the highest standards. Since taking over Dealey & Associates in 2010 he has been increasingly involved in BPCA and will continue to push for the high levels of professionalism that set BPCA fumigation companies apart from their competitors.


Martin's main role on the Board is representing the interests of the fumigators, especially as many of the products available are under threat. He also believes that BPCA should be the lead trade organisation in stewarding the growth of the non-fumigation controlled atmosphere treatments.


Rupert Broome

Position: Manufacturers and Distributors Committee Chair

Company: Killgerm

About Rupert

Rupert has 13 years of extensive experience in the international pest control industry, in leadership roles for both manufacturing and distribution businesses.Currently, amongst other things Rupert is an active Director of CRRU UK, RAMPS UK and CRRU Ireland. He is also a member of the CEFIC RWG.

Most recently, Rupert has also played a leading role in the creation and delivery of the U.K. Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.


As Chair of the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee, Rupert's focus is on ensuring the interests of M&D Members are fully represented within BPCA, and that key issues of importance to the industry as a whole are identified and addressed


Philip Halpin

Position: Servicing Committee Chair

Company: Countrywide Environmental Services 

About Phil

Phil started his pest control business from scratch in 1997 after starting his pest control career as a surveyor for Rentokil. The turning point for his business was in 2002 when he joined BPCA who helped define his company as a professional pest control business. Since then he has been an "advocate" of the Association and always refers to BPCA membership in order to help win new business. 


Phil provides leadership to the Association's largest committee, representing the needs of the majority of BPCA members.  The Servicing Committee Chairman harvests the views of the Association's servicing members, feeding them into the BPCA Board as draft policy and position papers. 


Chris Corbett

Position: Board Member

Company: Aderyn Ltd

About Chris

Chris has been in the industry since 1977 and is the Managing Director of Aderyn Ltd. Over his time in the industry Chris has experienced massive changes and has also gained a wealth of knowledge that has enabled him to provide strategy and stability to his current company.

Chris has a very good record of leading new ventures to profitability in minimal time through specific business plan development. He specialises in operational and sales strategies to maximise efficiency while promoting account acquisition and growth. Chris believes first class customer care and communication is critical. Chris joined the Institute of Directors four years ago and completed the Certificate in Company Direction, a qualification that has provided him with a good knowledge of corporate governance, the role of the director and board, strategy, finance & marketing strategies.


Lewis Jenkins

Position: Board Member

Company: Check Services Ltd

About Lewis

Lewis has been involved in the pest control industry for over 25 years working for Check Services Ltd. He worked as a Technician (3 years), then a Biologist (4 years) and then as Service Manager (2 years) before being appointed as Managing Director in 2001. Check Services focuses on pest control for the food industry where they supply services to many well known food manufacturers. Lewis has been directly involved with BPCA for many years, initially on the Servicing Committee for 10 years. He has also been a member of the Executive Board since 2009.



Robert Long

Position: Board Member

Company: Sabre Kent Ltd

About Rob

Rob lives in Maidstone, Kent. Fortunately for him his job in pest control incorporates some of his hobbies including shooting, ferreting and trapping, which he has enjoyed since a very young age. He has worked in the industry for about 20 years for some of the large companies, and seven years ago formed Absolute Pest Control which he sold in March 2013, before becoming Technical Manager with Goodwin Pest Control and then setting up his own business again - Sabre Kent Ltd.

Rob is an active member of the Servicing Committee.



Alan Morris

Position: Board Member

Company: Bayer Cropscience

About Alan

Alan began in the industry in 1997 working for AgrEvo in the commercial office, then spent the next 6 years as the European Product Manager for Professional Pest Control when Rhodic (Rhone Poulenc) and AgrEvo merged in 2000 (formed Aventis) and continued his career development when Bayer purchased Aventis in France. In 2008 he was appointed Head of Professional Pest Control for UK and Ireland and this is where his direct involvement with the BPCA M&D committee began, which has now extended to the Executive Board.




Savvas Othon

Position: Board Member

Company: Rentokil Initial

About Savvas

Savvas has been in the pest control industry since graduating from the University of Greenwich in 1993 with an honours degree in biology. His first role in the pest control industry saw him employed by Rentokil as a Central London technician where he learnt the trade from the ground up.

Savvas has gone on to hold various positions in the public and private sector of the pest control industry including Birmingham City Councils Environmental Health Department and as UK Operations Manager at MITIE pest control. In 2007, Savvas re-joined Rentokil Initial as Technical Director for the UK where he designed and wrote the Technical Training program, now adopted on a global basis. As well as giving the business technical leadership and innovation, he actively managed Rentokil Initials largest multi site food retail contract with 2973 sites across the UK putting in place innovative solutions and contract specifications.

In 2012 Savvas was appointed as Group Director for Service innovation within Rentokil Initial and in 2013 he took over the additional responsibility for the Rentokil Global Science Centre as well as the day to day running of the Global Service & Science Innovation agendas. Having worked with both the BBC & ITV as a resident expert on their consumer programmes "Rogue Traders" & "House of Horrors", Savvas regularly comments on technical issues in response to media enquiries for Rentokil and has been quoted in the majority of UK daily newspapers and other publications including The New Scientist.


Howard Taffs

Position: Board Member

Company: Good Riddance Pest Control Ltd

About Howard

Howard has been working in pest control since 1984, when he became a technician for Rentokil covering Dartmoor. He then progressed through various service/technical posts to management and left to form Good Riddance Pest Control in 2002.

Howard is very familiar with the trials and tribulations of carrying out all the work alone. Trying to be at the forefront of green systems has also taught him a great deal about what is actually achievable with current technology.

Good Riddance puts customer service and professional integrity ahead of profit which has paid off in the long run. Howard's spent two years on the Servicing Committee which has given him insights into how other companies manage in new and innovative ways.

Howard believes it is vital for BPCA to maintain its position at the forefront of professionalism while still being affordable to small concerns such as his own.




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