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BPCA Training Programmes

BPCA Training Programmes

Thank you for your interest in BPCA training programmes and courses. From here you should be able to find exactly the right training and development opportunities for you, as well as book onto a course.

Not sure which training programme is right for you? Call our dedicated training team for help selecting the right programme for you or fill out our online enquiries form here.

What is the BPCA Training Pathway?

The BPCA Training Pathway is designed to suit all learning styles and enables professionals to grow and develop throughout their career. The pathway begins with introductory programmes at foundation level to build awareness, progressing to developing professional knowledge and skills at a core level, and then enables progression to an advanced level for professionals who wish to demonstrate more advanced competencies through experience.

BPCA training is for professional pest control technicians (specialist and non specialist), managers, business owners, sales and marketing professionals, supporting staff and other key stakeholders in the pest control sector who are responsible for or interested in pest management related activities.

What are Plus+ Programmes?

Plus+ Programmes are designed to add significant value to the pest control community, and to the development of individuals through the pathway. Plus programmes build on the range of pest control courses to offer professionals and organisations the chance to build knowledge, skills and experience to become more successful in the pest control industry.

Book a Programme

All you need to do to book a programme is fill in the booking form here. Send it back to us by email or through the post and we'll call you for a payment.






  Level 4 Award in Food Safety [Coming Soon]   Classroom - Exam Included

  Advanced Training Skills [Coming Soon]   Classroom


Note: New programmes will be added over time so the BPCA Training Pathway is subject to change.